Let's Get Moving!: Support First Grade P.E.

Parents know just how much kids love to move!

Ms. Sterba and her first grade class have firsthand experience with that. After a day spent learning math and reading, her students are excited for a break to shoot hoops, play soccer, and create games on the jungle gym. Their classroom is seeking funding for more P.E. supplies to help keep their students active! Check out the fundraiser HERE.

This year I have an amazing group of smart first graders! They always come to class ready to learn as much as they can. We have already started off to a great start.

Since our school is so small, we often have to share PE equipment.

For example, we utilize the public jungle gym and basketball court owned by the El Rio center. P.E. is one of my class' favorite time of day and I would love to be able to bring them fun equipment to use!

My boys love to shoot hoops with our one basketball that has a hole and must always be pumped up right before P.E. They also love to play soccer with the one soccer ball we have.

My girls are always using their imagination to play active games out on the jungle gym and have told me they would love to have some thing other than balls to play with.

I hope that we can add some fun tools to make our physical learning even more fun!

Thank you for your support!